Our room has been expertly designed by the team at Walker Audio Design and is equipped to suit the needs of various users.

The room first opened in 2020 at our main office building in Accringron and in November 2021 had a complete refurbishment adding new exciting areas and equipment along with a lot more padded floor space for exploring!

Our room is used by our service users with additional needs and disabilities have daily access, along with various baby and toddler groups also, so we know that those of all ages and abilities will love our room when you book privately with us.

What is in our room?

Our room features a large sensory ball pit area, interactive sensory wall panels, large bubble tube and fiber optics, two padded beds, one with built-in vibration to sync with our optional large projector screen along with various other lights and effects throughout the room, all of which are controllable by a switch for the user.

Our brand new feature is a padded new hideaway den featuring dangling fibre optics for the perfect sensory input. Our den is carpeted on the inside, dulling any outside noises and providing a great de-escalation and calming space.

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