At Limitless Care Group we strive to provide an efficient, reliable emergency crisis care programme that families can rely on in their time of need.

We have a specified emergency crisis bed at our short break respite facility in Fulwood, Preston, to allow families an immediate overnight placement if required for up to two weeks stay and can provide outreach and domiciliary care on a low time period turn around also to support family need.

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Limitless Care Group brings high quality community-based support and accommodation to adults with complex needs throughout the UK.

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Our service users who are at higher risk of emergency referral have contingency planning in place in the event of their use, but we also understand that not every circumstance or service user can foresee the need for these hours, so we have a 24/7 contact system in place for parents, carers and professionals to request placement.

To set up your contingency plan or request an emergency placement as an existing service user, please contact your social worker and Care Co-Ordinator or as a new service user, use the referral tab above or contact your social worker.