Why choose Limitless Care Group?

Supporting those with additional support needs around their behaviour was where the original Limitless support concept was born.

Our skilled staff team support a variety of service users with statements of challenging behaviour and complete CPD certified training courses, delivered and overseen by our own in house Behaviour Co-Ordinator, ensuring we can safely support those in our care. Challenging behaviours always happen for a reason and at times are the only way that person can communicate their needs or feelings.

Why choose us?

Limitless Care Group brings high quality community-based support and accommodation to adults with complex needs throughout Lancashire

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For those that require additional support, a highly detailed Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) will be produced by our Behaviour Co-Ordinator and the area Care Co-Ordinator, thus ensuring the safety of not only the service user, but their peers and staff members also. This would outline a number of positive supportive strategies along with potential triggers and where required information on physical intervention.

Our staff team hold physical intervention training certificates which allows a safe and dignified restraint should our extensive strategies and de-escalations be ineffective. These holds are designed to avoid injury and harm for the service user and staff member and are always the last go to in a behavioural situation.

At our Hub support facility in Accrington we also home a specially designed ‘regulation room’ which is a low stimulus, soft padded area where the person in behavioural crisis can use as a safe space away from any other potentially harmful environments. We can tailor this room experience to include various lighting, sound and senses such as textured equipment or even fragrance mists.

With support sessions being person centred and tailored to each individual, our staff team are able to effectively plan care to safely take place in numerous environments such as the community, our respite facilities or in the person’s own home.